6 Benefits of Using a Smart Baby Monitor

Baby in crib with smart baby monitor on wall

Pregnant and looking for the best smart baby monitor out there? Have a newborn and want some peace of mind knowing that they’re sleeping safely?

There are many benefits of using a smart baby monitor like the Miku Smart Baby Monitor. From tracking your baby’s sleep habits to checking in on your baby anywhere in the world, here are 6 of our favorite features.

6 Benefits of Using a Smart Baby Monitor

 Live Breathing Monitoring

This is one of the best benefits of using a smart baby monitor. Your Miku device shows you your baby’s RPMs (respirations per minute) in real-time which offers incredible peace of mind.  

There are few things more valuable than having peace of mind while your baby is sleeping. There’s no need to sneak into their room to ensure they’re breathing – all you need to do is open up your Miku app to see their breathing rate right on the screen!

High quality visual and audio capabilities

Being able to check in and see what your baby is doing in their crib is a huge benefit of smart baby monitors. Are they crying because they’re no longer swaddled? Did they lose their pacifier? Is your newly potty-trained toddler telling you they have to use the potty? Having a good quality camera and speakers with your baby monitor makes a huge difference with kids both newborn to toddler!

The video is also saved in the cloud so you can reference back to it. Maybe your baby is consistently waking up early (Is the sun waking them up? Maybe you need black out curtains!) or maybe they just had an adorable laugh or coo when you walked in the room that you can’t resist watching over and over! Open up your app and take a look!

Check on your child anywhere in the world

Are you on a work trip and want to peek in at your baby? On your first date night since having your child and want to ensure she’s sleeping peacefully in her crib? With a Miku you can do just that!

Talk to your baby or turn on a lullaby without going into their room

We all know walking into your baby’s room as they’re going to sleep can only have the opposite effect that you want – waking them up more because they want you to hold them! With a smart baby monitor like the Miku, you can easily talk to your baby to soothe them or turn on calming music to lull them to sleep without going into their room.

This is beneficial even as they grow up to remind them to stay in their bed or turn on white noise as a thunderstorm rolls in to drown out the sound of thunder.

Sleep Analytics

One huge perk of the Miku Smart Baby Monitor is the daily snapshots of your baby’s sleep patterns. As your baby begins to nap regularly and sleep through the night, you can know they’re getting the quality sleep they need. Sleep summaries can also show you when they fell asleep, how long they slept, and the quality of their sleep. Having this data can also help you with knowing if you need to adjust naps and bedtimes.

You can also see things like the room’s temperature and humidity! This will help you easily correlate the data to see if an environmental factor is affecting your baby’s sleep.

One less device that you need!

With so many baby products, your kitchen counter (and just about every nook of your home) will be invaded! Bottles, burp cloths, diaper stations, toys and more seem to take over everything.

With a smart baby monitor like a Miku Smart Baby Monitor, you don’t need another device to keep track of since it’s all on your phone! Most of us keep our phones on or near us throughout the day so you won’t even need to get in the habit of checking another device.

There’s even more to love

There are tons of other amazing benefits of using smart baby monitors like the Miku Smart Baby Monitor. These are just some of the top features. Overall, these  smart devices can give you peace of mind and also help your baby get the quality sleep they need. It could be one of the best investments you make!