Getting Started with Miku

Get Started with Miku - What's in the box

The moment you welcome your newborn home and bring them into the nursery for the first time is emotionally charged, filled with both beauty and maybe an ounce of panic. (We understand that!) There’s nothing else but endless love, care, and protection you want to provide for their tiny soul. This incredible bundle of joy has now become your new definition of the “everything you can no longer live without”. Truly, it’s that feeling of never wanting to leave their side.

But the truth is, there will be moments when you simply cannot be right by their side.

It’s in these moments that Miku becomes an important member of the family. As the brightest mind in monitoring, Miku has intuitive features and advanced analytics specifically designed to help parents watch over their little ones when they need an extra pair of dependable eyes and ears. Completely wire and wearable-free, our smart baby monitor allows for a seamless way to monitor every good morning, good nap, and good night.

Keep reading get to know the ins and outs of the Miku Smart Baby Monitor.

1) Ensure an Easy Set-Up

The first thing you’ll need to get started with Miku is your Miku app that’s available for download on the Apple or Android app store. Once installed, launch the app and make sure you have your WiFi password ready to pair with your Miku.

2) A Smooth & Speedy Installation

Everything you need is right in the box. Watch this quick video to see how easy it is to securely place your Miku on the wall. For optimal performance, we recommend placing your Miku within 6ft of your child whether that is on the wall, on a shelf, or using the Miku Stand and Travel Case (currently sold out). Contrary to other monitoring devices, it isn’t necessary to place your Miku directly above your baby to capture breathing and sleep patterns, but can be placed to the side of the crib, if needed, making for setting up to take only minutes!

3) Notifications

Customize your alerts for real-time updates on what’s most important to you. Right from the app, toggle on or off desired notifications, like when baby falls asleep, makes a noise, or wakes up.

4) You are now free to roam about the App!

Once you’re set up, explore the app with no restrictions caused by hidden fees or subscriptions. Enjoy learning from advanced sleep, sound, and breathing analytics, watching your little one in their crib, or check nursery conditions with full access to all of the app’s analytic and tracking features.

5) Sharing is Caring

Provide caregivers, babysitters, and grandparents access to your little one’s feed through the “Shared Users” button under your device settings tab. Those that have been granted access through a shared device can say “goodnight” through two-way talk, play lullabies for your little one, and even monitor daily and nightly summaries the same way the main user can.

And remember, everyone loves adorable baby content, especially us at Miku! Easily share your favorite moments on social media by saving photos and videos to your camera roll directly from your app. Tag @mikucare for a chance to be featured on our page.


6) Miku is here for you

Have more questions? Tune in to our YouTube channel or head to to stay up to date on what we’re discussing. We talk about everything from safe sleep tips to Miku button color meanings. And there’s no question too small. We’re always here to help, so don’t hesitate to reach out.