Why Miku Is The Best Smart Baby Monitor for Millennial Parents

When you begin looking for smart baby monitors, there’s no shortage of options. So how do you know which one is the best one for your baby?

The Miku Smart Baby Monitor has some amazing features and is truly the best smart baby monitor for millennial parents. Let’s talk about 5 things you’ll love about Miku, recommended and written by a fellow millennial parent!

Big tech in a little package

As a millennial parent, chances are you know a thing or two about technology. And when it comes to technology for your baby, you want the best of the best. Miku’s proprietary SensorFusion technology has been validated in a 3rd party IRB-approved clinical study where it was compared against worn, medical-grade equipment. You can even check out this white paper published by Miku.

The technology you’ll find in your Miku Smart Baby Monitor tracks your baby’s breathing and movement without any wearables – it’s all tracked through the monitor’s internal, contact-free sensors! 

And when it comes to security, Miku makes safety a top priority. Miku houses a tamper-proof Crypto Chip to keep your data safe and secure! 

They even have some of the best technology when it comes to sound. Miku has custom dual Ole Wolff speakers with two-way talk so you can whisper “goodnight” to your little one.

One of the best things about Miku’s technology is it’s constantly being tested in NICUs and home environments to improve their algorithm’s powerful artificial intelligence capabilities. 

Easy-to-use app

When it comes to apps, the Miku app has it all. From the in-depth analytics of your baby’s sleep patterns to the live-stream video, you have everything you need right on your phone. 

Wondering if the nursery is too cold? Find it on the app. Your Miku app will help you learn your nursery’s environment to help your little one get the best sleep possible.

Is your baby fussy and you want to play some lullabies to help them sleep? Open up your app! There are tons of great lullabies you can choose from or you can talk to them to help calm them down.

You can even use the app when you’re miles away so you can always feel connected with your baby.

No wearables necessary

Unlike many of the other smart baby monitors out there, Miku doesn’t require wearables to track breathing and sleep. With a Miku Smart Baby Monitor, there’s no risk of a wearable getting mispositioned or soiled or even running out of battery. Plus it’s much easier to transfer your little one to their crib when they fall asleep while you cuddle them.

The incredible SensorFusion technology detects breathing, sounds and sleep patterns – everything you need – without the added hassle of wearables.

Upgrade automatically

We all know how annoying it is when you splurge on a top-of-the-line product only to have it be out of date the next day. This will never happen with your Miku! As your baby grows and learns new things, Miku is doing the same! Miku will always be ahead of the curve with software versions that upgrade automatically.

Design, design, design

There’s nothing worse than putting the finishing touches on a Pinterest-worthy nursery only to clutter it up with a clunky, old-school baby monitor with annoying wires and an ugly interface. 

The Miku Smart Baby Monitor is about as sleek as your iPhone (and the packaging is too!). The clean, minimalist look of the monitor coupled with easy set-up and added safety features like cord covers and a baseplate lock make it an easy pick.

The Miku Smart Baby Monitor seamlessly fits into your baby’s nursery and your new parent lifestyle, making it the perfect solution for millennial parents!