Miku Contactless Respiratory Monitoring Technology Validated in 3rd Party Clinical Study

At Miku, we’re on a mission to provide seamless monitoring to parents, caregivers, and families in need of a contactless respiratory tracking solution. To deliver true peace of mind and real-time alerts, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of accuracy, safety, and innovation. Our technology is tested to medical device standards for accuracy and is clinically validated.

Miku’s technology has been validated in a 3rd party IRB-approved clinical study where it was compared against worn, medical-grade equipment.

Miku marks a whole new generation of respiratory monitoring. The Miku Smart Baby Monitor tracks your baby’s breathing and sleeping patterns with no wires or wearables, providing parents with a greater sense of awareness and instant peace of mind. To achieve this level of contact-free accuracy, our team of military research engineers created SensorFusion, a proprietary combination of multiple sensor modalities combined with a brilliant machine learning platform that gets smarter as data sets grow.